• What We Doo

    Our job stinks and we think it's awesome! Most people don't want to clean a toilet, so let us be the bowl cleaner for your Fido. DooGooders, with more than 55 doggie years of experience, gives you the time to take back your yard and spend time (count in human or canine years) with your two- and four-legged family. Serving Sioux Falls, Tea, Harrisburg & Brandon areas!
  • You Pick The Package, We Doo The Poo

    If your dog downs tons of table scraps or dines on the haute couture of canine crunchies, we can handle what they deliver on the other end. So if your family needs a one time cleaning or your company would want a pet poo patrol a few times a week, we can doo that. *Prices may vary for large acreages & commercial lots. Please see our legal crap for the terms of service.
  • Our Most Poopular Package

    Weekly service starts at just $12.49! It's a flat rate for people in Sioux Falls, Tea, Harrisburg and Brandon South Dakota! Acreages and breeders pricing may vary. If you have questions, just email scooper@doogooders.com!