Our doologists doo the work… even sniffing out doggie DNA. When you combine canines and commercial properties, poo can pile up. That’s where PooPrints by DooGooders comes in.

With more than 6,000 registered dogs, DooGooders serves more than 150 properties in six states and is the authorized PooPrints distributor for South Dakota, Western North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Southwest Minnesota and Northwest Iowa.

DooGooders PooPrints Map 0116

We love dealing with crap, no matter where it is! If you’re interested in learning more about PooPrints by DooGooders, just email scooper@doogooders.com!

Prices start at $39.95/dog for properties. Check out our rate card here.

PooPrints by DooGooders property managers can order supplies here.

PooPrints by DooGooders property managers can submit a PooPrints Tenant Transfer Request.

Here’s how to doo poo with PooPrints!



Lab Update – October, 2016